Frequently asked questions

Who are you?

We are Honey & Angel, a mother-daughter duo from England now living in the valley. Angel is the creative. Honey is the brains.

How do I book with you?

Contact us! We will make sure your product and date is available, then it is just a countdown to the special day.

How do I see your products and choose?

Instagram is our main platform but you can see our products right here on our website! We are all about making your day perfect, no matter what that day is, so we are ALWAYS available to talk with you and figure out what would be best for your event. You can call us, email us, DM us, send us a post by pigeons, ANYTHING! Whatever is easiest for you is what is best for us!

How big are your numbers?

Our numbers are about 5 and a half ft tall! Our other installations vary in size, with our wings being 9ft and our hearts are 6ft or 7ft. Contact us, we will let you know dimensions for your chosen installation!

Do I get to keep the numbers?

Unfortunately, no. We pride ourselves on having the best prices for installations, and we do this through rentals.

How do you make these installations?

With a lot of love, hard work and patience! We individually place each flower or feather on every installation. There are about 3000 on each number, all bespoke.

Do you only do birthdays?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. Just because we started with a 21, it doesn’t mean we are stuck on that. We love our signature pink numbers but we do everything. We created the first feather wall this side of the world. Ditto with our pool letters, we start trends for others to follow. We have floral frames, light up numbers, 9ft feather angel wings, just to name a few!

What about weddings?

Love, love, love weddings. We have done many in the valley, providing LOVE tables, a life-size heart for under the alter, the angel wings at the end of the aisle and more. Check out our products or contact us!

How much does an installation cost?

We do individual quoting based on the item chosen, how far you are from us and installation fees. In stock items are set prices and custom pieces are custom prices. Delivery installation and pick-up fees are calculated based upon milage. Just tell us what you want, we will quote it (making sure we are always the best price on the market), and you can book us immediately!

My question wasn’t here. What do I do?

Contact us! We are easy to get a hold of and always willing to help. We love our customers and are so proud of the customer interaction part of our business. We really appreciate you choosing us! We know you have a lot of options.

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